Exhibition – In the footsteps of Miss Jemima, 1865: Tourism in 3D – 15 July – 30 Sept 2015

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Maison de Village, Argentiere

In the cadre of the 1865 celebrations to mark 150 years since the golden age of alpinism, the exhibition “in the footsteps of Miss Jemima” offers visitors the opportunity to step back in time 150 years and visit the Chamonix valley like a tourist of 1865.

Miss Jemima Morrell was a typical English tourist who visited Chamonix in 1863 on Thomas Cook’s very first organised tour of the Alps. Her charming diary is used to provide colour and commentary to the contemporary photographs in the exhibition. All the images are in 3D because in 1865 this was the most popular format of photography and even represented around 90% of the market! Most people are very surprised, assuming 3D imaging is a modern innovation.  The 3D images (side-by-side, anaglyph, Cresswell and 3DTV) really allow us to participate in the picture and experience the amazing glaciers and sights of Chamonix in 1865.

On the second floor a small exhibition provides a historical overview of stereoscopy and introduces the important alpine stereo-photographers – such as Ferrier, Bisson, Braun, Tairraz, Savioz, England and Couttet.